Does your child need a Monofin?

What is a Monofin?

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These monofins are made for water play and for the children to have fun pretending to be a real mermaid.

Our monofin is a swimfin which is used underwater inside our mermaid tails.
Our monofin is made to fit our tails & made in 2 sizes (small & large).
This fin allows the child to have more resistance under the water for propelling.
A monofin is a single surface attached to both of the divers feet.

Common Question Answers
1. Monofin and Mermaid Tail Swimming are for advanced swimmers. Your small child can play on the floor or bathtub with the tails until they become a strong mermaid swimmer. Adults should always be within arms reach of a child learning to swim with the tail.
2. Monofin and Tail do separate.
3. Other Monofins may work with our tails. I do not have measurements or styles of other monofins to confirm though.
4. Tails are open on the bottom and stretch around our Monofins. Our tail can be scrunched up to expose feet and lower calves.

5. Monofin tips needs to be curled to insert into fin bottom opening to place and remove. DO NOT PULL TAIL to stretch around monofin. The Monofin is designed to be manippulated (curled) to get into tail.

Our Monofin:
Is exclusively our design
They are impact/ break resistant
They are comfortable and gentle to the feet
Feet are slid into openings to secure foot, doesn't slip off.
Based on size tail ordered our foot holders come smaller or larger

What you need to know about our Monofin