Understanding Your Tail Choice

With a Monofin
​(The Advanced Swimmer)
With a Stiff Insert
( Water or Floor Play)
Our monofin is a swimfin which is used underwater inside of our mermaid tails. This fin allows the child to have more resistance under the water for propelling. The footholders go around the back of the foot to secure foot, doesn't slip off. A monofin is a single surface (much like a flipper)  attached to both of the divers feet.
Our stiff insert is fitted into the fin. This fin allows the tail to keep its shape during floor play. The feet sit on top of the stiff insert. Our tails are made for water play but the insert will not maintain its shape in the water. It is not used for any type of  water resistance. These tails are best used in bathtubs, wading pools or for floor play. 
Tail With a Opening
Walking Tail
Designed for toddlers or children who may want to go into water and use their feet quickly as support. A Monofin could be purchased at a later and inserted into this tail when the child reaches a more advanced level of swimming.
Designed for walking only, Trick or treating or perhaps a mermaid birthday party! No Closed or shaped fin on the bottom of the tail. The tail has limited room for walking because it has a narrow mermaid apprearance and a open mermaid skirt bottom.